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Mastering Terraform with AWS

Mastering Terraform with AWS


Terraform with AWS certification validates a software developer's expertise in infrastructure management using Terraform, a powerful open-source tool that allows safe and predictable creation, change, and improvement of infrastructure in cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Terraform's utility lies in its application in infrastructure as code (IaC), enabling developers to script an infrastructure rather than manually configuring it. This certification represents competence in writing, planning, and creating automated setups of infrastructure across AWS. Industries use it to streamline operations, improve productivity, reduce errors, and manage infrastructure costs. Key concepts include resource states, provisioners, modules, variables, and outputs.

Course Prerequisites

• Basic knowledge of AWS Cloud
• Understanding of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
• Familiarity with software development principles
• Proficiency in at least one scripting language
• Understanding of DevOps principles and methodologies
• Experience with command line interface (CLI)
• Knowledge of cloud networking and security basics.


  • 1 Section
  • 8 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 32h Duration
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Mastering Terraform with AWS
8 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Getting Started & Setting Up Labs
  2. Deploying Infrastructure with Terraform
  3. Read, Generate, Modify Configurations
  4. Terraform Provisioners
  5. Terraform Modules & Workspaces
  6. Remote State Management
  7. Security Primer
  8. Terraform Cloud and Enterprise Overview
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