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MLOps Engineering on AWS

MLOps Engineering on AWS


The MLOps Engineering on AWS certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates expertise in managing, scaling, and deploying machine learning models on Amazon Web Services. Utilizing MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) practices, it ensures smooth collaboration between data scientists and operations professionals for swift implementation and management of ML models. Rather than focusing on model development, it emphasizes infrastructure and operational aspects, such as automation, monitoring, and scalability. This certification is pivotal in industries that leverage machine learning in their workflows, as certified professionals can ensure efficient ML experimentation, reduce deployment time, manage ML lifecycle, and align ML projects with business goals.

Course Prerequisites

• Minimum one year of experience in AWS.
• Basic knowledge in AI/ML.
• Hands-on experience in cloud operations like DevOps or SysOps.
• Good understanding of Python programming.
• Experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining ML or data solutions.
• Knowledge of AWS architecture and services.


  • 1 Section
  • 5 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 24h Duration
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MLOps Engineering on AWS
5 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Introduction to MLOps
  2. MLOps Development
  3. MLOps Deployment
  4. Model Monitoring and Operations
  5. Wrap-up
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