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Database Administration Workshop

Database Administration Workshop


In a database administration course, you'll learn important stuff about managing databases. You'll start with the basics, like understanding how data works and how to make databases organized and efficient. You'll also get really good at writing and improving queries to get the data you need. You'll discover how to keep your data safe by making backups and knowing what to do if something goes wrong. Learning how to protect data is crucial too, so you'll dive into keeping it secure with things like passwords and encryption. You'll also figure out how to make the database run fast and smoothly.

When things get tough, like if the system crashes, you'll know how to recover and keep the data safe. You'll explore moving data from one place to another and how to clean up old stuff you don't need. You'll get to know special tools to manage databases effectively, and you'll even learn how to handle databases in the cloud. Keeping an eye on how well your database is doing is also part of the deal, and you'll pick up tricks to make it work better as it grows.



  • 1 Section
  • 31 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 50h Duration
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Database Administration
31 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 1. Introduction to Oracle Database
  2. 2. Accessing an Oracle Database
  3. 3. Creating an Oracle Database by Using DBCA
  4. 4. Creating an Oracle Database by Using a SQL Command
  5. 5. Starting Up and Shutting Down a Database Instance
  6. 6. Managing Database Instances
  7. 7. Oracle Net Services: Overview
  8. 8. Configuring Naming Methods
  9. 9. Configuring and Administering the Listener
  10. 10. Configuring a Shared Server Architecture
  11. 11. Configuring Oracle Connection Manager for Multiplexing and Access Control
  12. 12. Creating PDBs from Seed
  13. 13. Using Other Techniques to Create PDBs
  14. 14. Managing PDBs
  15. 15. Database Storage Overview
  16. 16. Creating and Managing Tablespaces
  17. 17. Improving Space Usage
  18. 18. Managing Undo Data
  19. 19. Creating and Managing User Accounts
  20. 20. Configuring Privilege and Role Authorization
  21. 21. Configuring User Resource Limits
  22. 22. Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
  23. 23. Introduction to Loading and Transporting Data
  24. 24. Loading Data
  25. 25. Transporting Data
  26. 26. Using External Tables to Load and Transport Data
  27. 27. Automated Maintenance Tasks: Overview
  28. 28. Automated Maintenance Tasks: Managing Tasks and Windows
  29. 29. Database Monitoring and Tuning Performance Overview
  30. 30. Monitoring Database Performance
  31. 31. Analyzing SQL and Optimizing Access Paths
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