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Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I

Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I


Course Description:

Administration I certification is a globally recognized validation of an individual's proficiency in the administration of Oracle WebLogic Server solutions. It encompasses key areas such as domain creation, deployments, and troubleshooting. Earning this certification confirms one's competency in essential aspects of Oracle WebLogic Server and its application in enterprise settings. Many industries highly value this certification as it contributes to optimizing system performance, scalability, and reliability. Consequently, it is in high demand among systems administrators, architects, and developers aiming to enhance their abilities in utilizing Oracle WebLogic Server for building and deploying enterprise applications.

Course Prerequisites :

• Good understanding of Web and Java EE technologies
• Basic skills in Linux and Windows environments
• Knowledge of application server administration
• Familiarity with Oracle Database concepts
• Understand usage of Kubernetes and Docker environments
• Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
• Prior hands-on experience with Oracle WebLogic Server 14c.



  • 1 Section
  • 18 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 0m Duration
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Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I
18 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Oracle WebLogic Server 14c: Administration I: Course Overview
  2. WebLogic Server: Overview
  3. Installing and Patching WebLogic Server
  4. Creating Domains
  5. Starting Servers
  6. Using the Administration Console
  7. Configuring JDBC
  8. Monitoring a Domain
  9. Node Manager
  10. Deploying Applications
  11. Shared Java EE Libraries
  12. Network Channels and Virtual Hosts
  13. Clusters: Overview, Creation, and Configuration
  14. Clusters: Proxies and Sessions
  15. : Clusters: Communication, Planning, and Troubleshooting
  16. Transactions
  17. WebLogic Server Security
  18. Backing Up a Domain and Upgrading WebLogic Server
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