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Red Hat Ceph Storage for OpenStack

Red Hat Ceph Storage for OpenStack


Cloud Storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage relates to a scalable data storage solution that allows industries to securely store large volumes of data in cloud and enables high performance with lower costs. This technology uses an object storage interface with block and file interfaces incorporated. It's designed for reliability, offering fault tolerance and easy recovery. Industries use Ceph for its ability to handle vast amounts of data and its seamless integration with OpenStack services. This technology introduces a novel approach to data storage, empowering industries to effectively adapt to continuously changing business requirements.

Course Prerequisites
• Solid understanding of Linux systems, specifically Red Hat.
• Familiarity with configuration and management of computer or network devices.
• Competence with fundamental system commands from UNIX or Linux.
• Basic knowledge of storage systems.
• Proficiency in administering Linux systems via command-line interface.
• Experience using OpenStack services.


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