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Red Hat OpenShift Administration I: Operating a Production Cluster

Red Hat OpenShift Administration I: Operating a Production Cluster


The Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes certification is a key professional recognition validating an individual's skills and knowledge in managing containers and using Kubernetes. It revolves around the use of Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, a key industry tool for container orchestration. OpenShift enhances Kubernetes capabilities by adding security and streamlining operations, making it a preferred tool for managing complex containerized applications. The certification confirms proficiency in creating, configuring, and managing a cloud application platform using OpenShift. Industries use Red Hat certified individuals to leverage the benefits of containerization, increase efficiency, and achieve faster software delivery cycles.


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  • 7 Lessons
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  • 40h Duration
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Red Hat OpenShift Administration I: Operating a Production Cluster
7 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. 1. Identify the main Kubernetes cluster services and OpenShift platform services, and monitor them from the web console.
  2. 2. Access an OpenShift cluster from the command line, and query its Kubernetes API resources to assess the health of a cluster
  3. 3. Run and troubleshoot containerized applications as unmanaged Kubernetes pods
  4. 4. Deploy applications and expose them to network access from inside and outside a Kubernetes cluster
  5. 5. Externalize application configurations in Kubernetes resources, and provision storage volumes for persistent data files
  6. 6. Configure applications to work with Kubernetes for high availability and resilience
  7. 7. Manage reproducible application updates and rollbacks of code and configurations
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