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Course Description: This course offers a comprehensive exploration of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, a powerful tool in the realm of cloud infrastructure management. From understanding fundamental IaC concepts to hands-on experience with Terraform basics and advanced features, participants will gain proficiency in creating, modifying, and maintaining infrastructure in a scalable and efficient manner. […]

Apache and Secure Web Server Administration

Apache and Secure Web Server Administration course provides students with the knowledge to configure and administer Apache web server. The course also provides students with hands-on experience administering secure web applications. This course will explain the components of the Apache server in detail and explore the configuration options available. Students will also learn the basics […]

AWS Technical Essentials

AWS Technical Essentials is an introductory-level course designed to give users the basics of cloud computing on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This course provides a strong foundation of AWS core services and fundamental principles, giving new users the resources to confidently get started building cloud-based applications in the AWS environment.The course is an ideal starting […]

Querying PostgreSQL Databases

The Querying PostgreSQL Databases course from SIRIAM offers insightful training on intermediate level querying of SQL using PostGreSQL. PostgreSQL or just Postgres, is a relational database that is open source. This ACID-compliant RDBMS is available for various platforms. It is completely transactional in nature and chiefly employs the SQL:2008 standard. PostgreSQL has extensible data types, […]

PostgreSQL Database Developer

The PostgreSQL Database Developer course helps one’s ability to develop, manage and implement applications within PostgreSQL, which is an open-source SQL database system. It entails proving your proficiency in aspects like database utilities, supporting functions, and role-based controls among others. Professionals with this certification are recognized for their skills in maintaining data integrity, performing complex […]

PostgreSQL-Backup-Recovery and Replication

The PostgreSQL: Backup – Recovery and Replication certification is a specialized program that validates a professional’s expertise in managing the PostgreSQL database system. It primarily focuses on three crucial factors: Backup, which emphasizes data security and ensures data isn’t lost; Recovery, which is about restoring data in the event of system failure; and Replication, a […]

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

The PostgreSQL Performance Tuning course demonstrates an individual’s capability to optimize the performance of PostgreSQL, an advanced open-source database management system. It revolves around fine-tuning PostgreSQL configurations, maximizing database efficiency, query optimization, and understanding server behavior. Industries utilize it to confirm a professional’s ability to boost database performance, thus enhancing their overall data management system. […]

EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14

EDB Postgres Advanced Server v14 course is a validation of expertise and knowledge in the PostgreSQL-based Database Management System. This course is all about ensuring professionals possess the necessary skills to effectively manage and operate EDB Postgres Advanced Server. It encompasses concepts such as relational database fundamentals, managing database objects, and exploiting advanced features of […]

Postgresql Plus Advanced Server

The Postgresql Plus Advanced Server certification verifies expertise in working with the Advanced Server database management system of Postgresql. This course affirms a professional’s understanding in implementing and managing the database system efficiently and effectively. Many industries use it to validate their IT professionals’ proficiency in handling data management, backups, security and performance tuning in […]

PostgreSQL Database Administration

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced open-source platforms available today. Multiple large-scale organizations such as Cisco and Apple use the tool for their web-based and mobile-based application development. It is managed by an open-source community that is dedicated to improving the platform to keep it relevant to today’s time. Another focus for the community […]

Java Spring Boot

Course Description A Java Spring Boot Certification is a confirmation of an individual’s expertise in utilizing Spring Boot, a widely adopted open-source Java framework used for developing independent, production-ready Spring applications. This certification typically encompasses vital competencies like application development, configuration, data access, and Spring Boot principles. In various industries, Spring Boot is favored for […]

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