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How to Manage Source Code in DevOps

Managing Code is the very first step in the DevOps Cycle.

Git is the Most Common Version Control System used Among the Programmers.

Imagine a team of five members who are working on master source code enhancing different features to it. Just think, how can they work on the same source code without confusion on each other changes? Each one has to know what the other four are doing, and there shouldn’t be any negligence to it. And by the end of work hours, they have to spend some time coordinating each other works so that, at last, one source code is maintained. It looks a lot hectic, and definitely manual intervention in maintaining source code is riskier. So to help or to say to automate all these versions on which all the five programmers are working, we need a properly written version controller, and GIT is one of them. There is a term for the above steps, and it’s called Source Code Management

Version Control Systems (VCS) are tools that help developers track changes to their codebase over time. They provide a systematic way to manage different versions of source code, enabling collaboration, tracking changes, and facilitating the integration of new features.

Types of Version Control Systems (VCS) -:

1. Centralized Version Control System (CVCS):

In a centralized system, there is a single, central repository that stores the entire version history of the project. Developers check out a copy of the code from this central repository to make changes, and they commit their changes back to it.

2. Distributed Version Control System (DVCS):

We also have the source code on the server, but along with that, we have it as a local copy on working machines. So even if there is a failure at the server level, we can mirror back the local working copy to the server when it is restored. This availability of local working copy on each machine is responsible for the term ‘Distributed’ in DVCS. Git, Mercurial uses a distributed version control system.

How to Manage Source Code in DevOps

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