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Event Objects in Python (Multithreading)

In Python, the threading module provides the Event class, which is a synchronization primitive that allows one or more threads to wait for an event to be set by another thread. The basic idea is that one thread signals an event, and other threads wait for that event to occur. Here’s a simple explanation with an example:

In this example, Thread A is waiting for the event (event.wait()), and Thread B sets the event after sleeping for 2 seconds (event.set()). The Event object is used to synchronize the two threads.

Output Explanation:

Thread A is waiting for the event to be set.
Thread B is sleeping for 2 seconds.
Thread A received the event.

Thread A starts waiting for the event.
Thread B sleeps for 2 seconds and then sets the event.
Thread A receives the event and continues its execution.

This example demonstrates a basic scenario where one thread is waiting for an event to be set by another thread. In a more complex application, events are often used to coordinate activities among multiple threads, ensuring that certain conditions are met before proceeding.

Event Objects in Python (Multithreading)

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