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How to Learn React JS

Hello Folks welcome to my Blog
In this Blog, I will tell you, how you can master React JS in an Efficient Manner.
Here I’ll Mention Some Steps that you have to follow to become A Good React JS Developer.

What is React JS??

React JS is a Library of JavaScript language.
It is used for creating fast and Lightweight websites.
It has a Package Manager NPM, which will help you to Configure All the Packages Required for your Application.

Let’s see what Steps you have to follow –

  1. Learn JavaScript-

As we All know React JS is a Library of Javascript. So Almost all the Syntax used in React JS is Inherited from JavaScript.
Things You have to Learn in Javascript to Get COmfortable with React JS are-
a- Variable
b- Functions
c- Modules
d- Closure
e- Promises

2- Learn the Basics of HTML
It is Very much Required to Learn About the Basics of HTML.
Because when we write React JS code we Embedd Html code in the same code.

3- Follow Some Video Tutorial
When you are a Beginner in Technology at that time you have to follow some tutorials so that you can understand the concept very clearly and also how to implement those concept
in your project.

4- Practice by Creating Projects
Practice is the Success of Master Any Technology while Learning, and the best way to do it is to Create some Basic and Intermediate Level Projects.
Here are some Projects that you can Create
a- Tic Tac Toe Game
b- Calculator Application
c- Create a simple LogIn Application
d- Create your Own Portfolio Website

How to Learn React JS

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