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Author : Amita Sharma


OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) are two types of systems that handle different aspects of data processing within an organization. Here are the key differences between OLTP and OLAP: In summary, OLTP systems are optimized for transactional processing in operational environments, while OLAP systems are designed for analytical processing to support […]


What is the role of Database Administrator? Database Administrators (DBAs) play a critical role in managing and maintaining databases, ensuring the smooth operation of systems that store and retrieve data. The key responsibilities are:- Database Administrators are responsible for the design, implementation, security, and performance of databases. Their role is crucial in ensuring that data […]


What are PL/SQL Packages? Benefits Of Using Packages Modularity A huge application can be built by simply developing modules (or subprograms) that are well-defined and simple to use. REUSABILITYA PL package is compiled and stored in the database whenever it is produced. As a result, you only have to develop the code once, and other […]


What is a Function in PL/SQL? Syntax of PL/SQL function FUNCTION function_name (parameter1 [IN | OUT | IN OUT] datatype, parameter2 [IN | OUT | IN OUT] datatype, …)    RETURN return_datatype IS    — Declaration section (optional)    variable1 datatype;    variable2 datatype;    … BEGIN    — Function body    — SQL and […]

Oracle Database-PL/SQL Stored Procedures

PL/SQL Procedures Types of PL/SQL Procedures PL/SQL Procedure ranges from standalone routines to PL SQL packages and functions. The common types are:- Stored Procedures Stored Procedures are a powerful feature in database management systems that allow you to encapsulate a set of SQL and/or PL/SQL statements into a single, reusable unit. Anonymous BlocksThese are unnamed […]

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