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Flutter’s Hot Reload

One of the key factors that sets Flutter apart in the world of app development is its powerful and efficient “Hot Reload” feature. If you’re a developer looking to streamline your workflow and boost productivity, understanding how Hot Reload works and why it’s so beneficial is essential.

What is Hot Reload?

Flutter’s Hot Reload is a revolutionary feature that allows developers to make changes to their code and instantly see the results reflected in the running application. Unlike traditional development environments that require a full application restart to apply changes, Hot Reload injects the updated code into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM) without losing the app’s current state.

How It Works:

  1. Real-Time Code Injection: When you trigger a Hot Reload, Flutter takes the modified source code and injects it into the Dart VM. This process is incredibly fast and preserves the app’s current state, allowing you to see the impact of your changes immediately.
  2. Preserving App State: One of the significant advantages of Hot Reload is its ability to maintain the app’s state during the code update. Whether you’re in the middle of testing a complex feature , Hot Reload ensures that you don’t lose your current app state, making the development process more seamless.
  3. Incremental Updates: Hot Reload doesn’t require recompiling the entire application. Instead, it focuses on updating only the modified parts of the code. This incremental approach contributes to the speed and efficiency of the development process, especially in large codebases.

Flutter’s hot reload is the ultimate feature, allowing developers to immediately witness app changes without the hassle of repeatedly compiling. It efficiently saves significant time that would otherwise be spent on continuous app rebuilding.

Flutter’s Hot Reload

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