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If you ant to learn how the computer Networks work .you are the on the right place ,I am pretty much sure here you know about every thing of Networking. Ok so lets get started. what is computer Network ,how its  work , and some others things which belongs to the Networking. Everyone have some of the ques in their mind.

What is computer Network

In my last blog we have already discuss about the Networking .but here we will take a quick recap . in short we can say the when your computer connect with any other device to share  some of data ,like exchange the data with the help of internet. In now days everyone using the some application in daily life like some social media .that is run with the help on internet. As we can say it make the life easy because it helps the user to connect with each other ,it doesn’t matter where you are on that time.

How computer Network works

Computer network all nodes (ports) are connected .simply we can say all computer are connected with some devices which are the routers ,switches and with the cables. Here the routers and switches share the packets (data) from one to other which is called packet switching. When your devices are using some methods to share the data that is called protocols.

IP   Address

IP Address is a identification of your device .which is called a unique number which is assigned to computers ,routers , servers. Every thing connected to the internet including website also. Its pinpointing your location .IP stands for Internet Protocol . Its unique number value is 32 bit numeric value. IP Address is logical address of your device. Which help your device to connect with some one.

An IP address is the identifier that enables your device to send or receive data packets across the internet. It holds information related to your location and therefore making devices available for two-way communication. The internet requires a process to distinguish between different networks, routers, and websites. Therefore, IP addresses provide the mechanism of doing so, and it forms an indispensable part in the working of the internet. You will notice that most of the IP addresses are essentially numerical. Still, as the world is witnessing a colossal growth of network users, the network developers had to add letters and some addresses as internet usage grows.

An IP address is represented by a series of numbers segregated by periods(.). They are expressed in the form of four pairs – an example address might be wherein each set can range from 0 to 255.

IP addresses are not produced randomly. They are generated mathematically and are further assigned by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), a department of the ICANN.

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is a non-profit corporation founded in the US back in 1998 with an aim to manage Internet security and enable it to be available by all.


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