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Author : Navneet Kaur

C Programming

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and so on. C programming is an excellent language to learn to program The C Language is developed by Dennis Ritchie for creating system applications that directly interact with the hardware devices such as drivers, kernels, […]

Routing and Routed protocols

In this article I describe the term routing and routed protocol related to networking. Routing and Routed protocol belongs to IP router in routing. IP routing in router is a process of packet transfer between different networks via a router. When we access the internet or intranet the data packets transmitted and received by IP routing […]

Network Protocols

A network protocol is a tool or a set of procedures that enables devices to communicate back across the internet. In order to communicate together, two devices must support the same protocol or a gateway will need to be used to translate the communication. Network Protocol vs. Internet Protocol While there are many different types […]

Computer Network Types

 computer network is a group of computers linked to each other that enables the computer to communicate with another computer and share their resources, data, and applications. LAN (Local Area Network) Local Area Network is a group of computers connected to each other in a small area such as building, office. LAN is used for […]


If you ant to learn how the computer Networks work .you are the on the right place ,I am pretty much sure here you know about every thing of Networking. Ok so lets get started. what is computer Network ,how its  work , and some others things which belongs to the Networking. Everyone have some […]

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