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7 C’s of DevOps

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT In Continuous Development code is written in small, continuous bits rather than all at once, Continuous Development is important in DevOps because this improves efficiency every time a piece of code is created, it is tested, built, and deployed into production. Continuous Development raises the standard of the code and streamlines the process […]


Introduction DevOps Lifecycle is a methodology which software development teams use to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. It’s a way of managing the entire software lifecycle from development through release, focusing on collaboration between developers and IT operations professionals. Constant software creation, development, verification, release, and management are part of the DevOps […]


Introduction Container orchestration automates the deployment, management, scaling and networking of containers across the cluster. It is focused on managing the lifecycle of containers. Enterprises that need to deploy and manage hundreds or thousands of Linux containers and hosts can benefit from container orchestration. Let’s say a major online shopping platform announced a holiday sale […]

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