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What is Difference Between Library and Framework??

Library Example (jQuery for JavaScript): Suppose you are building a web application and need to work with JavaScript to manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model) and handle user interactions. You decide to use the jQuery library.

  • Purpose: jQuery is a library that provides a collection of functions and methods for simplifying DOM manipulation, handling events, and making AJAX requests.
  • Control Flow: You, as the developer, include the jQuery library in your HTML file, and you explicitly call jQuery functions when needed in your JavaScript code. For instance, you can use $("element").addClass("highlight"); to add a CSS class to an HTML element when a button is clicked.

Framework Example (Ruby on Rails for Web Development): Suppose you want to build a web application from scratch using Ruby as the programming language. You decide to use the Ruby on Rails framework.

  • Purpose: Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that provides a complete architecture for building web applications. It includes features for handling routing, database interactions, authentication, and more.
  • Control Flow: When you use Ruby on Rails, the framework dictates the overall structure of your application. You create controllers, models, and views according to Rails’ conventions. You define routes, and Rails controls the flow of the application by routing HTTP requests to the appropriate controller actions.
What is Difference Between Library and Framework??

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